Blue Devil Giant Crab Claw
Blue Devil Giant Crab Claw

Blue Devil Giant Crab Claw

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The Giant Crabs of Mysterious Island have a fearsome reputation - I’m sure you’ve heard terrifying tales of the massive crustaceans, BUT…  did you know that the juvenile claws make fantastic cocktail glasses?  It’s true! Nothing tastes sweeter than a sip from the claw of a giant crab!

This particular species is the Blue Devil Giant Crab, and it can be found crawling the shores of Mysterious Island. Fully grown, these prehistoric creatures can snap a sailor in two, but when they’re juveniles the claws make fantastic mugs!

-Edition of 150 Blue Devil Giant Crab Claw mugs. 

-Mugs are 9.5” tall and hold approximately 16 ounces. 

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