Custom Cork Coasters

Have a home bar?  Have a logo of your home bar?    Would you like to have a handful of 4" cork coasters sitting around with your home bar logo engraved on them?  Shoot us an email!  We can get your job into our laser queue and you'll have some high quality THIRSTY coasters that you can show off to all your envious friends!  They also make great gifts!  Read over the details below and if you have questions, just hit the "contact us" button down at the bottom of the page and let's chat! 


  • Need a clean, black and white vector logo THAT YOU OWN*.  Costs will increase dramtically if we need to clean up logos and prep files for this.  Save money and do that work on your end!
  • Minimum order is 14 pieces.
  • Turn around time depends on our schedule and your logo.
  • Double sided available but it adds to your laser time and set-up fees.


  • Laser time will depend on your design and how long the laser takes to engrave.  Laser time is $1/minute.  Minimum laser charge is 30 minutes.  (We can do a set of 14 of our designs in approximately 28 minutes)  We only charge for time the laser is firing.
  • Coaster Cost starts at $1 each for 14 and goes down to .60 each for orders of 24 or more.
  • Set-up Time consists of vector art prep, template set up, file testing, and template population.  Minimum charge is $25 for 1 hour.  A clean black and white vector file should be able to be ready to laser within 1 hour.  If there are issues with the files, you will incur additional charges once notified and approved.  
  • In General - estimate a minimum cost of $5 per coaster not including shipping costs.

•Logo artwork submitted must be of your own Intellectual Property.  Do not send us the Star Wars logo.  Or the Traders Sam's logo.  Or a slightly modified Trader Sam's logo.  No exceptions.  Thank you.